Wave 11: 11 & Ola de Amor & Paulo Coelho frases celebres

Wave 11: 11 – set your intents on genuine love.
Straddling the equator and surrounding the International Date Line to the east, individuals of the Republic of Kiribati have actually begun ~ Wave 11: 11 ~ and it will be circulated the world up until the last location of the Republic of Marshall Islands, and the complete day of wave energy circulation will be finished. We will here forward spread out the love and continue the unity, awareness and awakening. One Love.
AWave 11: 11 – set your intents on genuine lovet 11: 11 am (in your time zone) on 11/11we are unifying together in Prayer, meditation and tune. Take part for whatever time you can throughout this hour. If for some factor (work, etc) you are unable to get involved throughout your time zone, then just select another time and exist in consistency and intent. Browse your heart and you will intuitively understand the intents in your function in recovery the world as you are singing, practicing meditation and hoping upon any or all these single words: Peace, Trust, Love, Consistency, “Many people have traveled this world with different dreams, purposes and aspirations. Many are masters, teachers, inventors and followers. They were all sent by the creator of the universe to achieve one just course; ” international peace and marriage.” But this course cannot be achieved without unconditional love, which possesses the magical powers of the Divine for transformation. When the human race embraces love unconditional, then the lost will be found, the naked will be clothed, the hungry will be fed, the bombs will be destroyed and there will be peace and unity which will make us all to speak one language, “LOVE”. Let love abide”– Philip D. Brown (Nigeria) UnitLove – The Spiritual Course that has no name, number, colour, race, creed, sexuality – simply the distinct mix of who and exactly what all people is on this amazing journey through the life we selected this time, at this minute, in this truth and with this understanding. Music, without it, the Soul feels empty. Touch, without it we are absolutely nothing. If we cannot touch each other at the Soul level then we remain in a desert – lost. Faith, it does not have a name however simply is, the faith to understand I am on the ideal path.y, Existence, Approval.


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AWave 11: 11 – set your intents on genuine lovet.

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