The Warrior Goddess Training Program: Ending up being the Female You Are Meant to Be (Sounds Real Audio Knowing Course)

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I am entire. I am effective. I am magnificent. When you state these words, do you feel the weight of self-judgment and doubt? Or do you feel their fact ringing in your bones?

“A Warrior Goddess,” teaches HeatherAsh Amara, “is one who dares to face her fears and doubts, claims the ancestral power that pulses through all women, and lives it with unstoppable purpose, energy, and compassion.”

With The Warrior Goddess Training Program, HeatherAsh Amara guides us through her book’s 10 transformative lessons, enhanced here with lots of brand-new tools established in her popular workshops.

This practice-intensive experience combines the Toltec worths of courageous self-reflection and decision, Buddhist insights for discovering clearness and existence, and Earth-based goddess concepts of enjoyment, innovative play, and genuine love. Each session engages us with mentors, concerns for self-reflection, meditations and recovery practices, ritual-building, and more.

The function? To launch the “never good enough” beliefs that hold us back and to honor ourselves with every fiber of our being.


  1. Devote to you
  2. Align with life
  3. Cleanse your vessel
  4. Ground your being and complimentary your past
  5. Stimulate your sexuality and imagination
  6. Claim your strength and spark your will
  7. Open your heart
  8. Speak your fact
  9. Embody your knowledge
  10. Pick your course

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