The Knowledge of Andrew Carnegie As Told to Napoleon Hill by Napoleon Hill

Summaries of Material:

In 1908 a young press reporter called Napoleon Hill acquired an interview with just recently retired steel tycoon Andrew Carnegie. Carnegie had actually simply offered his steel mills to a trust which would end up being United States Steel. He was hectic investing the last half of his life distributing the fortune he had actually built up throughout the very first half. He was the wealthiest guy on the planet and the most effective.

Carnegie turned the initial hour interview into a couple days where he lectured Hill about the concepts of success he had actually found out and used in service to end up being so effective. He liked exactly what he saw in Hill and commissioned him, ought to he accept, with the job of talking to the majority of the effective guys of the time and composing a science of success, based initially on Carnegie’s ideas then on exactly what he would gain from the guys of market. Carnegie would pay Hill absolutely nothing – however would compose him letters of intro which would enable him to mine knowledge about success from almost every guy of success throughout the very first quarter of the 20 th century.

In this book Hill professes to state the knowledge provided him by Carnegie. While there is no need to question that much of the gems in the book might have originated from Carnegie, to name a few, there readies need to question everything did. Due to the fact that it is composed in Hill’s rhetorical and spoken design, consisting of the quotes he associates to Carnegie, and 2nd since he makes generous referral to occasions that came long after Carnegie’s death. He includes in things like the supremacy of a favorable psychological mindset which came not from Carnegie however from Hill’s later partner, W. Clement Stone. This book was initially composed under the title Believe Your Method to Wealth and in 1953 released as How to Raise Your Income. Later on it was re-released as The Knowledge of Andrew Carnegie as informed to Napoleon Hill.

The standard material in the last variation is the 17 Concepts of Success that Hill initially composed in his Science of Success series and duplicated in numerous solutions in later works.

Like whatever by Hill nevertheless there is a good deal of helpful product here. The reader might well want to avoid over some parts that might not appear useful however the best part of it is amongst the very best of Hill’s works. The success concepts and disciplines he blogs about are the root of much of the success literature of the past 50 years and much of the speakers, leaders and authors in the success and self enhancement field have actually been deeply affected by this work.

Readability/Writing Quality:

This book is really understandable. Like much of Hill’s work it is simple to obtain through and well arranged. Unlike a few of his earliest work it is succinct. Starting with Grow and believe Rich Hill had actually learnt how to compose with economy – a technique a lot more available for the typical reader.

Notes on Author:

Napoleon Hill committed his life to satisfying the difficulty he declared that Andrew Carnegie had actually provided him. I have yet to find any independent record of this. I contacted the most current biographer of Carnegie and he discovered no referral in any of Carnegie’s documents or other bios about him worrying this discussion or associate with Hill. Hill invested a life time firmly insisting upon its reality and no one to my understanding from the Carnegie household ever challenged it.

In the 1930 s, after numerous dissatisfactions and failures, Hill acquired nationwide popularity as a successful author with Grow and believe Rich, based in big part upon his research studies under Carnegie and influenced by him.

3 Excellent Concepts You Can Utilize:

1. Prior to Hill fulfilled W. Clement Stone and concurred with him that a favorable psychological mindset was the most crucial quality for success Hill firmly insisted that Carnegie and the guy other effective guys whom he had actually talked to and gained from had actually found that having a certain significant function in life and focusing all one’s energy towards it was the very first secret to success. Whether you concur with Carnegie that this is the most crucial requisite for success or whether you accept Stone that a favorable psychological mindset is essential might not matter – both qualities are important to success in every location of life.

2. Usage of the Master mind concept is the 2nd excellent lesson taught by Carnegie. Carnegie and Hill both found out early in life that nobody achieves excellent success alone. To put together a group of like minded individuals who will interact in consistency for a joint goal is the most effective force in human venture and an essential to success.

3. The workout of self discipline is likewise a basic and required requirement for success. Those who have actually mastered this ability prosper – those who have not frequently do not.

Publication Info:

The Knowledge of Andrew Carnegie as informed to Napoleon Hill, by Napoleon Hill.

©1953, 1981 and modified in2004 Released by the Napoleon Hill Structure, Wise, Virginia.

Over all score for this book: Excellent.

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