Spiritual Matters in the Kingdom of God

Spiritual Matters in the Kingdom of God

Joseph Ho, February 12 th, 2009

A lot of Christians are extremely oblivious of spiritual matters in the Kingdom of God. They do not comprehend about spiritual matters, and for that reason when it concerns choosing and making exactly what to do, they revert back to their own human understanding. These laws of God which has actually been set can not be altered for anybody no matter who they are. Due to the fact that we believe otherwise, it simply does not get nullified. Due to the fact that we believe a thing can not be real will not make it incorrect, simply. Exactly what is everlasting can not be moved by any human validations. Nobody can alter a truth by knocking it. That is why the Lord God stated, I AM WHAT I AM, and I AM THAT I AM. Just he can state something like that. A sovereign God who is exempt to any situations on the planet or universe is called a Supreme Being, for that reason the name, “Most High God”.

Exactly what you will hear is not typical knowledge, its Spiritual understanding. Understanding which just a handful of individuals on this earth know and is an advantage details provided to a couple of selected among God and the devil. The devil likewise runs in this Spiritual world. That is how they cast appeals and spells to control the physical and natural world for its wicked functions.

The bible states, in 1 Corinthians 2: 14, “However the natural guy receiveth not the important things of the Spirit of God: for they are absurdity unto him: neither can he understand them, since they are spiritually determined

There are a variety of bibles that discuss the Kingdom of God one such verse is, in Mark 10: 15, “Verily I state unto you, Whosoever will not get the kingdomof Godas a kid, he will not go into therein.”

The kingdom of God is provided to some individuals, as in Luke 8: 10, “And he stated, unto you it is provided to understand the secrets of the kingdomof God: however to others in parables; that seeing they may not see, and hearing they may not comprehend.”

Jesus was discussing the power in the Spiritual world of God’s rule. He was discussing the spiritual powers not of this earth, where recovery, wonders, and resurrection happen. This Spiritual world is as genuine as it gets. And keep in mind that the real world was developed from the hidden things. Specific things which belong to the demonic world should not be discovered in the home of a commit Christian. For by doing so, we sustain the rage of God on us, for God stated he is an envious God, and he will not endure Spiritual Infidelity in any kind. We can not have items of dedication utilized in the praise of other gods in our home. We can not anticipate to move in triumph since god can not bless an adulterer when we have those items which anger our God.

In the book of Joshua, when the Israelite combated the Ai, they were beat by the Amorites when they attempted to take the city. Why did they cannot win the war? The factor offered by God to Joshua can be discovered in Joshua 7: 10-11,

“10 The LORD said to Joshua, “Stand! Exactly what are you doing down on your face? 11 Israel has actually sinned; they have actually broken my covenant, which I commanded them to keep. They have actually taken a few of the dedicated things; they have actually taken, they have actually lied, they have actually put them with their own ownerships.”

Which covenant has Israel broken? This covenant is none besides that which is composed in the Book of Exodus, Exodus 20:4 -5,

” 4 You will not produce yourself an idol through anything in paradise above or on the earth underneath or in the waters listed below. 5 You will not worship them or praise them; for I, the LORD your God, am an envious God, penalizing the kids for the sin of the dads to the 4th and 3rd generation of those who dislike me,”

Dedicated things are things which are committed to the praise of Spiritual Beings, devils, angels, gods and God. Such things are committed things and in themselves demonic appeals have actually been cast upon them and they bring curse into anybody home who is a Christian. That curse is the rage of God. For our God can not endure remaining in the very same location as the devil, holiness can not deal with wicked, as light can not be with darkness. Due to the fact that they tend to see cultural items as collectors and antiques products of worth, the Orient individuals have a tough time with this covenant. The majority of the Eastern Culture includes items of spiritual praise and they are not antiques they are spiritual items committed to the praise of devils or gods, and the devil himself. For the Western individuals they discover such items remarkable since they are extremely extremely crafted by guys with remarkable abilities, and Westerners bring them hope as items of arts. The devil is likewise an excellent developer of extremely proficient items of dedication. When you bring such items into your home, you can welcome the devil house. Your peace is taken from you.

If you fear and like God, you will never ever wish to bring an accursed item into your house of God. When you end up being baptized in water, your home ends up being the home of God instantly. In the course of my ministry, I have actually seen this rage coming across individuals of God. Those who are not severe Christians however compromiser who continuously validate their own actions by the dilution of God’s sovereign command ended up being ensnared however this curse. This is a story I need to inform, for God revealed me exactly what he will do to somebody who does not stroll in the methods of the Lord and it likewise reveals that God implied every word he states in the bible and will not alter for anybody.

The story has to do with an old woman, she is a Methodist Christian of several years and she copes with her sibling. I went one day to her home in the early morning extremely early that is, I went there with my buddy who is a renovator of homes, and I overspent my night at his location, so I wound up with him visiting this woman. She has to do with 60 years of ages. She was hopping on her ideal leg when I came into her home. In the future, I saw a things, a light stand which is a statue of among the 8 immortals god of the Chinese culture. His name is “Iron Cripple Lee”, and he was maimed on his ideal leg and he strolls with a crutch, this statue of him is a light stand about 2 feet high. I was instantly advised of God being an envious God and will not endure another god in your house of his individuals, however I kept peaceful for a while.

The next thing that took place sends out delights down my spinal column, I saw her more youthful sibling and observed that she is likewise having leg issues on her ideal leg and it struck me that this can not be a coincidence. The Lord God triggered me to inform this lady the significance of this item sign, however she would not hear of it. She called me a charming lover and a fanatical superstitious guy and derided all my words to her. I was naturally outraged by the Lord and by her reaction. When I do a great thing I will be rewarded however I was maltreated for the fact and called a male of rubbish, I believed that. The knowledge of God ended up being rubbish compared with her understanding of exactly what this statue is everything about. To be reasonable to her, that statue was a present from her dad as an inheritance and so it includes emotional worth to her and it was something she will never ever part with being filial and all that asian customs of guy; and so goes the curse of her dad that passes down the household line and will cover 3 to 4 generations as spoken in Deuteronomy 28.

Then, I left that location for great shaking the dust under my feet. As I look for the Lord that early morning, I was offered this verse, Jeremiah 35: 15, “15Once again and once again I sent out all my servants the prophets to you. They stated, “Each of you must turn from your wicked ways and reform your actions; do not follow other gods to serve them. Then you will live in the land I have given to you and your fathers.” However you have actually not taken note or paid attention to me.” I felt the verification that I had actually offered the fact to them and God has actually verified my works. As servants of God, we should keep in mind not to look for the splendor of being ideal however the delight of setting hostages complimentary rather.

This occurs in the New Testimony time, it took place to me in 2006, so we are to be cautious to comply with the word of God. God will hold us liable to his covenant. As we announced to be Christians, God will need people to follow his laws, which is not an outdated law. It is still in result and no innovative or ingenious preaching can alter the word of God. God is the one who exercises his laws and the devil can do unto you exactly what God stated will occur to the one who breaches his laws. This is shown, why I state that? It is shown that born once again Christians are still struggling with sin and they can have terminal illness, discomforts, and numerous grieves in their lives since they were not loyal to the Word of God. That is exactly what is implied when Jesus cleans the feet of his disciple when conserved is not constantly conserved and you require to repent continuously. Feet gets unclean when we stroll so we need to clean it daily, you can not bath with water at last to be tidy everyday. No you need to take a bath everyday, so is the very same with admitting our sins.

For the salaries of sin is still death. Exactly what does grace covers, you need to make certain and please do not presume anything up until you verify with God? Please check out the great print what it covers do not presume exactly what it will do when it does not state so when you purchase an insurance coverage strategy. Jesus stated if you like me do exactly what I state and if you like me practice exactly what I teach. If you like me follow my mentors, and my dad, mom, bro and sis are the ones who do the will and comply with of God.

In the bible God stated in Mark 3: 35, “For whosoever will do the willof God, the very same is my bro, and my sibling, and mom.” And in John 9: 31, “Now we understand that Godheareth not sinners: however if any guy be a worshipper of God, and doeth his will, him he heareth.”

Spiritual things come from the spiritual guys who comprehends spiritual matters since it is offered unto them to comprehend, as Jesus stated to Simon in Matthew 16: 17, ” 17Jesus responded, “Blessed are you, Simon son of Jonah, for this was not revealed to you by man, but by my Father in heaven.” God Bless you all, and ought to you have to find out more and have a much deeper walk with God, please take a look at my site at www.kingscepter.com, or e-mail to me with your concerns at prophet3333@yahoo.com.

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