Passionise – Personal empowerment and occupation placing workshop intro

25and 26 Feb 2017, Lisbon, Portugal.

If you are looking for making a beneficial difference in your life, then we invite you to a 2 day journey of self-discovery and self-empowermentThis workshop has in fact been produced to take you through a deep inner reflective journey to identify the patterns of limiting beliefs, concepts and sensations that have in fact blocked your advancement. Whether it is a work environment that makes you feel dissatisfied, a circumstance that makes you feel stuck, or a relationship on an undesirable spiral, every issue in life is a welcome for you to return and manage life from a viewpoint that is more choice oriented.

Day 1 of this workshop will provide you with tools to effectively manage stress, concerns, and concepts that limit your self-confidence. You will exist to Passionise Mindfulness Exercises to reprogram limiting mental patterns. You will discover tools to connect effectively with colleagues, subordinates, superiors, service partners and consumers, where you will have the capability to make use of the power of your Mental Intelligence to effectively motivate them and motivate them to support you.

Day 2 of this workshop will help you to discover your interests, provides, and capabilities. It will help you discover your specific motivations and help you find substantial goals in your life. The important requirement for a pleased life is to have a function. Each individuals have to define that unique function that stays in placing with our interests. This is the genuine technique of success. Defining a function is not a basic task. Considering that for you to truly own a function, it needs to add to your specific advancement, establish abundance in your life and allow you to contribute to society. We will help you in defining your function that redefines your life in consistency with your interest.

Passionise Workshops are carried out with a spirit of openness, compassion and will offer you a location to expose yourself without judgements. The workshop will be carried out by a group of 4 educated specialists committed to the place of personal empowerment and Entrepreneurship. You will not simply get specific training and help, and get contacted a group of people who are as thrilled as you to trigger the most beneficial aspects of their life.

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