Meditation – Empowering Self – BK Denise and Toni Anderson

Meditation – Empowering Self – BK Denise and Toni Anderson.

Raja Yoga Meditation is an approach of relaxing, revitalizing and charging the mind. lt assists you look inside to reconnect and discover with your initial, spiritual essence and bring back a healthy balance in between your external and inner worlds.
The subjects covered in this series result in a much deeper understanding of your Real identity,.
Understanding God, Relationship with God, Law of Karma, Cycle of Time and Spiritual Way of life, ln time, this understanding ends up being a natural part of your daily awareness, constructively affecting how you see yourselfand how you connect to your world.

Meditation is the approach to – End up being intuitively knowledgeable about who you actually are beyond the shallow labels of contemporary society; Experience the core energy of your being which is serene, effective and favorable; Direct that power into our capabilities to produce, co-operate and interact with others; Recognize the genuine significance of life and your special function in this life time.

The Brahma Kumaris.
The Brahma Kumaris teaches Rajyoga as a method of experiencing comfort and a favorable method to life. The organisation supplies chances to individuals from all cultural and spiritual backgrounds to explore their own spirituality and discover abilities of reflection and meditation originated from Rajyoga, which will assist establish.
inner calm, clear thinking and individual wellness. (International). (India).


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