Ivana Kindl – Promjenjiva

Ivana Kindl”Promjenjiva”

Directed by Filip Filkovic Philatz.
Video camera: Marko Rukavina.
Manufacturer: Barbara Mrkic.
Extra Video camera: Filip Filkovic Philatz.
Modifying Montage: Filip Filkovic Philatz.
Script/ Storyboard/ Concept: Filip Filkovic Philatz.
Storyboard: Manuel Sumberac.
DOP: Ivan Slipke Slipcevic/ Filip Filkovic Philatz.
Visual Results/ Post-Production/ Style: Filip Filkovic Philatz.
Extra visual results and bits: Zdenko Basic, Manuel Sumberac.
Extra sound results: Filip Filkovic Philatz.
Makeup results: Ivana Simunic.
Character makeup: Zdenko Basic.
Production supervisor: Ivan Filkovic.
Gaffer/ Grip: Janko Zubcevic.
Production: Midnight Solution/ This Time Production.
Shooting area: Bunika Studio.


Recognized in April 2010

. This video thinks of a world filled with radiant quadrilateral things which exist as important minerals which are being mined, taken in and observed by a magical people of individuals. The lead character of this video exists in a meditative state rather than the people which is generally concentrated on the mineral, relationship in between them and the mayhem that surrounds them. The lead character is calm, practicing meditation and secured from the outdoors world in the fictional vital force. In the course of story, the people permeates into the living force of the lead character which leads to a direct visual dispute( functioning as a metaphor obviously). The dispute is a direct sign of simply what does it cost? individuals residing in the world can damage others by simply believing in a different way, aiming to damage others. In a narrative video such as this one, the lead character utilizes the unique plant and offers her life. The plant launches substantial quantities of energy which the people can not soak up and capture so it actually ruins them. Right after, the entire world goes to dust too. The video speak about relationships in between individuals, undoubtedly dealing with numerous levels of metaphor, pointing to tolerance, love, relationship and power. This video was offered enough space and capability to check out time and area with style, creativity and audacity.
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