Among the last 8 in the 2011 Nokia N8 Awards at the Edinburgh Movie Celebration.

Simply did sound style on this and was a terrific obstacle! Just had 3 days to finish the very first scene (where they’re practicing meditation), the undersea scene and the passage scene. There was no production noise in the undersea scene or the very first scene, so I was provided imaginative flexibility to develop the fantastical and tense environment that these specific scenes required. The passage scene works well with the weird, bassy develop prior to he touches the door, and the whispery noises provide something to the list below scene in the library.

Terrific experience, just desire we had more time! I believe if there was ever a complete length function made to broaden on this story, it would be an actually believed provoking and interesting journey. Ideally that concerns fulfillment!

Likes: 3.




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