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#Stories are the absolute best tools to teach & train. The world has in fact been formed and enhanced around stories. Storytelling has in fact been the absolute best approach to put ideas into the world. They have significant power to teach, #motivate and challenge us in addition to producing an image in our minds which helps to psychologically contact the subject and have a better understanding. We in-fact learn most from stories, our whole #life itself is merely a story.

In this video, #AwadheshShukla is trying to teach and train your brain on how actually little differences in your approaches of handling the world within and around you, can produce substantial difference in way of life. Each individuals has little or more element of Anna or Peter. It is needed to understand that a slip road which appears like parallel to main road eventually leads us to a truly different area. A long period of time we do not have appropriate time to come back. Continuously keep close watch on your #behaviors. You are constantly training your brain!

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